After what seems like a lifetime in Art and design, Paul and Julie Langston developed the product we call Nexiform. Having met in school, Julie went on to gain her degree in Ceramics at Camberwell School of Art and Crafts and Middlesex Polytechnic, whilst Paul studied Illustration and Graphic Design at Camberwell School of Art and Crafts. On leaving college Julie gained some invaluable experience in the retail industry with Liberty of Regent Street, London, and exhibited her work in many prestigious exhibitions including the 'Young Blood' exhibition, and the British Artists in Glass exhibition, which toured the USA. Paul undertook some freelance work gaining much illustrative work in magazines and books.

However the idea of creating their own business and working for themselves began to take hold. In the basement of a house in Muswell Hill, North London, and after seeing some wonderful tile murals in a shop window, an idea was formed to sell 'hand painted' ceramic tiles to the masses, and sand blast decorated glassware.

All went well, the business grew into a large modern premise, employed 25 staff, sold product to the likes of Smallbone of Devizes, Mark Wilkinson Furniture, Harrods, and many others. Special commissions where undertaken for the likes of Steve Harris, the Iron Maiden guitarist, who had a 165sq mtr muraled swimming pool. Terminal House in Victoria commissioned a vast mural for a gent's loo in their building. Architects and interior designers, such as Jane Churchill, and David Resnick Associates commissioned many other works for clients such as Ozzy Osborne, John Hurt, and Ruby Wax, to name but a few. Other large projects include, children's mural at Singleton Hospital, Harrods signage at Knightsbridge tube station, and the restaurant at the Museum of Wales, Cardiff, and many more.

However the market and business was to change. Paul and Julie designed many other notable products such as the mosaic tiled freestanding bath, the first leather floor on a rubber substrate, and a complete range of beautiful metal furniture, some of which is still in use today in certain Debenhams stores. However perhaps their greatest achievement yet will be the Nexiform product.

Nexiform came about from the need to're-invent' the ceramic tile, and create an eco -friendly, 'green' sustainable business. It was clear to both Paul and Julie that sustainability was going to be the key to any future business. With both parties being highly expressive and creative people the inevitable drift back towards their roots in the 'art world' and ceramic tiles was obvious.

The unique material that is Nexiform was part of this. To fully allow Paul and Julie into the global market for ceramic tiles they had to invent a sustainable alternative, that would allow them to continue their love affair with the ceramic tile. This revolutionary process took waste and recycled materials, and bound them together in a cold cure process. The resulting 'slab' could then be decorated in any style, colour, or fashion, giving us the unique, super glossy finished slab that you can see here on this website. A truly wonderful, almost unbelievable process that will indeed give rise to many other products, currently made by the costly, energy, and raw material hungry processes we call ceramics.

The first product in a long line of products is the kitchen hob panel, one single piece in sizes up to 1.5mtrs wide. Further products will be released in due course ranging from worktops, a wall covering range for bathrooms, through to light weight floor tiles for external and internal use.

As Paul and Julie say, we are "changing the world, one tile at a time". However they never dreamed that the opportunity would come so late in their careers to re-invent the ceramic tile.

A world-changing product,
in world changing times - Nexiform